Chingy Reacts To Being Named One Of The 50 Worst Rappers Ever

There was once a point in time when you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a Chingy song. The “Right Thurr” rapper has taken a break from the music scene since selling millions of records in the early 2000’s, but several of his chart topping hits are still considered classics to this day.

Despite his accomplishments, Chingy was placed on Twitter’s “50 Worst Rapper List,” along with rappers like Master P, Diddy, French Montana and Coi Leray. Although the list is just a viral social media ranking, the St. Louis rapper wasn’t pleased about being apart of the pack. During a recent sit-down with VladTV, Chingy shared his frustration with the list, stating, “People kill me.”

He continued, “[They] have nothing to do. They sit around, I don’t know if they’re just watching videos or something, and then somebody just writes down some names. Somebody’s got too much time on their hands.” The rapper/songwriter says the entire list is disrespectful to all the artists named.

“They [are going to] sit there and disrespect these people by trying to say they’re the ‘worst rapper’? Well, I’m going to say this: It means nothing to me. Nothing at all. I know me, and I know I’m not one of the worst.” The 42-year old “Holidae Inn” rapper didn’t end there. He added, “I can’t be one of the worst rappers when I have these hit records and when I have all of these fans and these people who love me and tell me everyday. It’s subjective. There’s seven billion people in existence.”

Ultimately, Chingy says he knows that he’s someones favorite rapper, sharing, “I had someone tell me this the other day [that I am their favourite rapper]. That’s just those people’s perception. They have nothing else to do except talk [about] others. I was like ‘damn, how could that be one of the worst rappers? That verse was hot.”

Though some music lovers dispute Chingy’s ability as a rapper, they can’t deny his impact on the culture.


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