Floyd Mayweather Displays His Extremely Large TVs

Floyd Mayweather is easily one of the wealthiest athletes in history. Overall, boxing is a very profitable business. Some of these fights can earn the fighters tens of millions of dollars. Despite the fact that Mayweather has basically retired from prizefighting, he still has a lot of money streams.

He is immensely affluent, and he can afford all of life’s wonderful experiences. Mayweather truly has it all, whether it’s vehicles, residences, or art pieces. He also doesn’t mind showcasing it on social media.

In fact, Floyd Mayweather has largely made his whole brand about making a lot of money. After all, it is called “The Money Team” for a reason. Mayweather has always been keen to show his fans the kinds of things he can afford. Although some don’t appreciate being flexed on like this, others see it as motivation. However, getting to where Mayweather is will requite more than just the “Grindset” mentality. Recently though, Mayweather decided to show fans his massive television sets.

Floyd Mayweather Is Extremely Wealthy


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In the video clip above, you can see how these sets actually take up the vast majority of his wall. Moreover, Floyd Mayweather is extremely proud of them. He made it a point to showcase how big they are. It almost even feels like someone made fun of Floyd for his TVs in the past, and he decided to get new ones. Either way, this is the kind of entertainment setup one would expect from an insanely wealthy person. This kind of opulence is only enjoyed by the few. You just have to get really good at boxing in order to enjoy it.

In the future, fans are eager to see where Floyd is going to go next in terms of fighting. He can continue to the overseas exhibition fights, or he could go up against an arch-nemesis again. As it stands, Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor are waiting for that opportunity.

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