Lil Durk Discusses King Von’s Death: “Quando Rondo’s Little Boy”

The feud between NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk heated up even more the night “All My Life” was released. Durk hinted that his album Almost Healed will be released, then NBA Youngboy revealed his project Richest Opp, sparking an internet feud. The death of King Von, who was fatally shot by Lul Tim, an affiliate of Quando Rondo, is at the heart of their problems, not record sales or collaborations.

During a recent interview on Off The Record, Akademiks asked Durk about the murder of Von, describing it as an incident “that changed everybody’s lives irreparably.” “Yeah, that sh*t fucked everybody up, boy, when a real gangsta get took out by a nerd type,” Durk responded in reference to Lul Tim. When Ak brought up Quando Rondo, Durk referred to the rapper as a “little boy.” The Chicago rapper explained that, at one point, Quando Rondo used to be yelling “f*ck 63rd” because of King Von.

Lil Durk Opens Up About Quando Rondo & King Von


Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Durk also addresses what appears to be his long-standing issues with NBA Youngboy. The “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper addressed YB’s recent tweetstorm where he told Durk not to release his album on the same day as Richest Opp. “That one, that ‘yelling down the phone down’ thing, that’s it,” he clarified. “Everything else, I promise you … I don’t think about that man. Zero. I was shocked when I woke up to that shit. I’m like, ‘What the fuck? It gotta be a fake page.’”

Despite what seemed to be a heated back-and-forth, Durk made it clear that he doesn’t need to use NBA Youngboy to help boost his album sales. “Why would I use you for promo when I know I’m gonna outsell you?” he asked. “A muthafucka sit up here and be like, ’You gon’ outsell him but he have a bigger generational [influence].’ So who’s using who for promo?” He added, “I’ll put this on all my kids: when we were doing the ‘AHHH HA,’ all that shit, that was cool. Right now, I don’t need that lil’ boy.”

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