NBA Youngboy Collab: Lil Durk Confronts Dababy

NBA Youngboy’s “F*ck The Industry Pt. 2” found him venting his frustrations over the music industry. Drake, in particular, caught a stray as a result of his association with Lil Durk.

The OVO Boss allegedly told YB that they couldn’t cooperate on songs because of his long-running conflict with the Chicago rapper. However, not everyone has purposefully chosen a side for comparable reasons. DaBaby collaborated with NBA Youngboy on their collaborative project, Better Than You, last year.

Although a war of words broke out between DaBaby and OTF member Memo600, the “Baby Sitter” artist alleged that Durk was in his DM’s “waving a white flag.” “it ain’t a gang, city, N***A, or neighborhood in da WORLD scary enough to make BABY Pick & Choose who to get money wit n***a,” DaBaby tweeted. Durk confirmed that he addressed DaBaby in the DMs, though he refuted DaBaby’s account of their conversation. “I’m like, ‘Hey fam, whatever you got going on when y’all doing a tape, that’s y’all.’ You feel me?” Durk said. “That’s when the other bullshit came out, ‘Waving the white flag in my DM.’”

Lil Durk Says He Confronted DaBaby


Afterward, Durk explained that he and DaBaby had a face-to-face conversation at a stop on Future’s One Big Party tour earlier this year. The Chicago rapper said he told DaBaby there was no issue before bringing up the sales of Better Than You. “I pulled him in a room — not on no ‘come here!’ I was like, ‘Check it out.’ He’s like, ‘What?’ ‘That’s small shit, little shit. Let’s get to the money. You see what they tryna do to you? We don’t have no beef. Why? I don’t give a fuck ’cause you did an album with that man. That shit sold how much?’”

Ultimately, Durk appears to want to move in a more positive light without unnecessary friction with people. In the case of DaBaby, the Signed To The Streets star claimed that they were able to hash it out. “So when we chopped it up in the DM, we already handled it … We don’t have a problem with nobody, man. We don’t want smoke with nobody. I don’t want problems with nobody,” he said. Almost Healed drops Friday.

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