Nike Air Max 90 Receives The Futura

In case you haven’t noticed, Nike has started releasing unique variants on some of their most popular releases. Many sneakers, for example, have its own Futura offering. In general, this is reserved for Air Max models.

The shoe is taken and given more materials as well as a slightly modified form that appears more futuristic. Sneakerheads have been thrilled by the first few releases, and it appears that the Nike Air Max 90 will be the next style to receive the Futura treatment.

The most recent Futura model we reported on was the Nike Air Max 97. Overall, this version was very unique and certainly elevated the original silhouette. However, you can easily say the same thing about this new Nike Air Max 90. After all, the Air Max 90 was already an amazing shoe. Although, this Futura model showcases how this sneaker works well updated for more modern tastes. Below, you can see a new colorway of the sneaker that is definitely going to turn a few heads.


Nike Air Max 90 Futura

Firstly, this shoe has a cool construction to it as there are multiple layers and a variety of materials. For instance, the upper contains light blue suede, green canvas, and some tan overlays up near the laces. Moreover, a gum outsole and white midsole complement each other beautifully. The elements work in harmony, and while it is a busy sneaker, it is also quite clean.

As it stands, the Nike Air Max 90 Futura does not have an official release date. However, it is rumored to be dropping soon. The price attached to these is currently $150 USD, although that is subject to change. Hopefully, we see some new colorways fairly soon.

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