SZA Looks Gorgeous In See-Through Pink Dress In Paris

SZA paid for her assets, and you can bet she’s going to flaunt them. SZA discussed her decision to have a BBL in a recent interview with Elle. However, this is not the first time she has mentioned having the operation done. She references it in the first tune of her latest album, SOS.

“That ass is so fat, it almost looks natural,” she sings. “It’s not.” The subject came up again when the singer was discussing her dress choices. SZA said in the interview that she dislikes trying on outfits. Instead of going shopping, she just wears anything she gets in the mail for free. In some ways, her posterior is like a part of her attire. “I treat my butt like a queen.”

SZA is currently in Europe promoting her latest album. She recently concluded the initial run of shows on her “SOS” tour. The first leg lasted just over a month and took place in North America. Now, SZA has embarked on another tour, ready to showcase her vocal prowess in Europe. On June 1, the singer began the European tour in Amsterdam. Fans were treated to a few surprises at the tour stop, including Travis Scott joining SZA onstage. Now, the vocal vixen has moved on to Paris, where she is enjoying some free time before her show takes place.

SZA Is Sizzling Hot In New Instagram Post


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SZA took to Instagram yesterday to post about her trip to Paris. She started off the photo set with a photo of herself posing on a balcony overlooking a Parisian street. In the picture, she leans on the railing, looking directly at the camera. The singer is adorned in a ruffled, transparent pink dress. She followed that photo up with several others, each showing off her curvaceous body. She also posted a slow-motion video of herself running through the Louvre in the same pink getup. The sultry songstress captioned the post “N*ggas in pareeeeeeeeee.” SZA followed that up with a comment explaining her footwear, which appeared to change from pink heels to schoolgirl-esque tabi shoes and long white socks. “Yes i have on tabbis .. yes I love them,” she wrote. “Yes u have to Stay mad and NOT in Paris.”

Fans had a field day in the comment section, of course. They commented on everything from her footwear to her semi-exposed assets. “Bae why you showing them…” said one, likely referring to her somewhat exposed chest. Another joked about the video of SZA running in the museum. “I was chasing her, thats why she was running in the third slide,” they wrote. Some fellow celebrities commented, as well. DJ Khaled, for example, simply left several fire emojis. “Solana is out here living her best life,” said Benny Blanco. Make sure to click through to the link below to check out the slightly NSFW photos.

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