Haesoo, 29-Year-Old K-Pop Star, Commits Suicide

According to a May 15 media source, Trot singer Haesoo, 29, committed suicide and left a final message.

The organizers of the Gwanjumyeon People’s Day event, where Haesoo was scheduled to perform on May 20 in Wanju Gun, Jeollabuk-do, confirmed the news to the media outlet.

On May 13, the South Korean Police reported that they had found a corpse of a female trot singer in her 30’s along with a suicide note in an apartment complex. The police did not find any evidence of foul play in the case and declared it a suicide as the singer had also left a note.


It is suspected that the corpse found was Haesoo because of her link with trot music. What added more fuel to the rumour of her death was the fact that her comment section of her very active Instagram account was turned off on May 14th.

The singer remained very interactive on her social media accounts and engaged with her fans on a daily basis.

Haesoo was born in 1993 and majored in Pansori, a type of Korean traditional music, at the Korea National University of Arts.

However, she later found her passion in trot after following the music of artist Joo Hyun Mi. She released her debut album called My life, Me in 2019.

The trot singer actively participated in music shows including, Gayo Stage, Morning Yard, The Trot Show, How Do You Play, and KBS TV2’s Lunar New Year special in January 2023.

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