Police Tase 95-Year-Old Great-Grandmother In Australia: Report

A 95-year-old great-grandmother died late Wednesday after allegedly being tasered by Australian police.

According to The Guardian Australia, Kristian White, 33, will appear in court on July 5 in Cooma, about 200 miles southwest of Sydney, on accusations of assault causing actual bodily harm, common assault, and wilfully causing grievous bodily damage.

White, a New South Wales senior constable with 12 years of experience on the force, was previously suspended without pay after reportedly tasing Clare Nowland, who suffered from dementia, for allegedly being armed with a steak knife in her nursing home on May 19.

Nowland fell and hit her head when struck by the taser, sustaining a fractured skull among other life-threatening injuries that left her in critical condition, The Guardian Australia reported.


“The Nowland family have been informed of this development and our prayers and thoughts are with Mrs Nowland,” NSW police commissioner Karen Webb said of the “nasty incident” at a press conference Wednesday night, per the publication.

The outlet added that footage from an officer’s body camera of the incident will not be released due to the ongoing investigation.

“This has been traumatic for everyone in the police force,” Webb said.

Nowland was known to the community as a once-vigorous woman who went skydiving on her 80th and 85th birthdays, family friend Andrew Thaler told CNN.

“On behalf of the NSW Government, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the Nowland family for the loss of their dearly loved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Clare Nowland,” NSW police minister Yasmin Catley said at the press conference.

“Our sympathies and thoughts are also extended to the community of Cooma, Mrs Nowland’s friends, as well as the residents and carers at Cooma Yallambee Lodge,” Catley added. “We will continue to offer support to the Nowland family as they mourn this loss and we urge people to respect their privacy at this time.”

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