Royal Followers Alarmed By The Health Alert Of King Charles

Brazilian psychic known as ‘Living Nostradamus’ has worried royal enthusiasts with new prophecies about King Charles’ health.

He issued a stark warning after a mysterious ‘666’ sign during the coronation of the King last Saturday.

Athos Salomé, the 36-year-old, has left the royal fans alarmed by claiming that King Charles may fall ill.

About the coronation, talking to Daily Star, Athos says the best date for the historic event would be in June to break the mystical and occult protocol of the Royal Family.


About Archie’s birthday, which fell on the same day the King was crowned, Salomé claimed that since the historical event was hosted on May 6, means karma will be passed from generation to generation.

He also explained the meaning of digit ‘666’, saying how King Charles was crowned six months, six weeks and six days after the funeral of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the Daily Star, Athos Salomé had previously predicted about Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, Covid 19 and about the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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